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Incident Reporting

Report injuries, illnesses and incidents during sporting activities that require the intervention of a trained care provider in seconds.

Instant Notification

Communicate athlete incident to parents, coaches, athletic director, risk management office and other stakeholders instantly through email and text messaging. Embed details including a map of the hospital, if the athlete incident requires hospital admission.

Athlete Profile

Manage athletes across various sports on the portal – store demographic information, emergency contact, parent/guardian information and medical history. This information gets auto populated on various screens including for communication during incident reporting.

Incident Status Tracking

Get a glace of incident status for all athletes or add comments and update status for an athlete incident, track incident all the way to full fitness, communicate updates to the stakeholders at any time.

Athlete Incident History

Track all injuries and path to fitness for an athlete. Export incident history and discover which players have the highest chance of getting injured from their history.

Incident Analytics

Provides visibility to injuries at an aggregate to look at trends over a period with continued usage. Using advanced insights find problems and act immediately or highlight your organizations progress in incident management.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

Information is secure using tightly defined roles and privileges. Transactions on the tool are encrypted and logged providing extreme traceability of activities.

Mobile Friendly

With an intuitive mobile responsive design, report injuries from anywhere. There is no horizontal scrolling or requiring zoom, we ensure easy and fast reporting so you can put your focus back on the athlete.

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